martedì 18 dicembre 2012


Almost two years ago when I was leaving to Italy 
(to stay together with my husband after our wedding!)
my grandmother gave me that scarf with the flowers....
It's a little part of Ukrainian traditional costume named "platok"!
My "platok" has more than 50 years, it's an unique thing and I got it new! :D

Thanks, babushka!!! :DDDD

Scarves and shawls were and are an indispensable part of Ukrainian and Russian woman's wardrobe!
Looking at traditional Matryoshka Doll you will note at ones a colorful "platok" 
drawn on it's head or shoulders!!!
Traditional "platok" is usually very colorful and the print is unique!!!
As for me, "platoks" bring color and style into the fashion on any occasion!))

I'm very proud to have my "platok" which I conceive not just like a simple scarf,
but like something more,somethng special, like a little part of my culture and my personality!!!!

I wear:
fur coat - Pimkie
golden pullover - Zara
red leather shorts - New Look
tights - Calzedonia
boots - Della
leather gloves - Batulu
clutch - made by myself
platok - my grandmother's closet
lipstick - Kiko

4 commenti:

  1. Che belle gambe Kateryna, complimenti!! stai benissimo!
    mi piace praticamente tutto ;)

    Un abbraccio, Silvia


  2. Bello questo look, mi piace proprio tutto! Abbiamo lo stesso pull!

    Buona giornata!

    1. Grazie Barbara!!!! :)
      ...adoro quel pullover dorato, è uno dei miei preferiti!))
      1bacione! :*