giovedì 5 luglio 2012


Hiiiiiiiiii!!! :P

This was my look for the Saracen Joust of Arezzo!
It's an ancient game of chivalry. It dates back to the Middle Ages!
The historical reenactment takes place every year in Arezzo on the last but one Saturday of June, by night and on the first Sunday of September, in the afternoon. The protagonists of the event are the four quarters of the town of Arezzo:
Porta Crucifera known as Culcitrone(green and red colors),
Porta del Foro known as Porta S.Lorentino(yellow and crimson colors),
Porta del Borgo, today called Porta Santo Spirito(yellow and blue colors) and
Porta Sant'Andrea(white and green colors).

I'm living in quarter of Porta St.Andrea and my colors are green&white...:)
But I don't have a lot of clothes in green color and I used aquamarine :D

Do you like my look???  

I wear:
shirt - Zara
skirt - made by myself
bag - Dynasty
flats - Zara
mint bracelets - New Yorker
ring - Six
watch - Chronotech

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A lot of kisses,

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  1. Такая стильная, мнеочень нравится:))

    xoxo Iren

    1. ogromnoe spasibo, Iren!!! :*
      zaxodi - budu vsegda rada :)

  2. love your blog and thanks so much for visit mine!you should put the pics smaller...they're too big, it's just an advice, if you want take it and if not, leave it :P

    1. Thank you Marianela for your advice! I created this blog yesterday and it was not perfect :P
      Now I think it's much better :D
      You are always velcome!!! Kisses&hugs!

  3. I totally like your skirt... how do you make it? Your blog is so good and thanks for visiting mine! How did you find it? Please follow! XD

    1. Thanks!!! I think later I'll make a post like "How to make a beautiful skirt at home" :)
      Visit my blog and you'll find your inspiration! ;)

  4. Risposte
    1. Hola Paula,
      muchas gracias por tu comentario!!!
      Me encanta recibir tus cumplimientos i espero que tu vuelvas aqui pronto.
      Yo me voy a visitar tu blog tambien pronto!!!
      un besazo!!!

  5. Wow!! it´s Beautiful!

    I follow you.
    Thanks for visit my blog


    1. Hello Mewy Mewy,
      thanks for what you wrote me!
      You're always welcome visiting my blog
      I hope to have the possibility to share with you informations and ideas about fashion!
      Take care sweete!
      See you soon!!!