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Here they are my photos from the seaside...
We spent 5 days in Eupatoria, a city in Crimea. 

Eupatoriya is a major Ukrainian Black Sea port, a rail hub, and resort town. The population swells greatly during the summer months, with many residents of northern cities visiting for beach recreation. As such, local residents are heavily employed during summer months but are often underemployed during the winter. The main industries include fishing, food processing, wine making, limestone quarrying, weaving, and the manufacture of building materials, machinery, furniture manufacturing and tourism. The National Space Agency of Ukraine has ground control and tracking facilities here.

Eupatoriya has spas of mineral water, salt and mud lakes. These resorts belong to a vast area with curative facilities where the main health-improving factors are the sunshine and sea, air and sand, brine and mud of the salt lakes, as well as the mineral water of the hot springs. The population of the town is sure to have known about the curative qualities of the local mud that can be found here from time immemorial, which is witnessed by the manuscripts of Pliny the Elder, a Roman scholar (ca 80 BC).

Two beaches in Eupatoria are Blue Flag beaches since May 2010, these were the first beaches (with two beaches in Yalta) to be awarded a Blue Flag in a C/S memberstate.

I wear:
sunglasses - Bershka
swimsuit - OVS Industries
t-shirt - Forever 21
flip-flops - H&M
bracelets - H&M

I wear:
sunglasses - Bershka
swimsuit - Sisley
bracelets - H&M

I wear:
sunglasses - Bershka
swimsuit - Pimkie

I wear:
sunglasses - Bershka
headbend - H&M
t-shirt - Forever 21
sandals - Zara

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