sabato 25 agosto 2012


I wear:
jacket - Zara
shirt - Forever 21
shorts - made by myself
oxfords - Zara
bag - Bershka
watch - Chronotech
sunglasses - Gucci

Hiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! :***

How are you??????

Today I came back home!!!! I'm a little bit tired after my trip but it's been a great time!!! :P

I want to finish with all my posts from Ukraine showing you where I was and what I saw...

As you know, we stayed some days in Crimea... 
and after that we went to Donetsk (see more here) for 1 day to watch a football match....
and of course I had some shopping time there too... ahahaaa :DDDDD 

  The  Donbass Arena with a big park all around is really beautiful!!! ;)
I'm not a big fun of football but I liked it a lot!!!

I should wear something to stay out all day and my clothes should have been in colours of the football team... 
It was a comfortable turistic look :)

Hope, you liked my photos!
I'm always happy to know your opinion about everything...
...and also you can follow this blog :)

So many kisses & hugs!!!

With love,
Kateryna :*

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