martedì 31 luglio 2012


 I wear:
shirt - Zara
jeans - Zara
flats - Zara
belt - Oggi
watch - Chronotech
mint bracelets - New Yorker
ring - Six
clutch - made by myself (see more here)

Sunday evening we went to Laterina... It's a very little village in the Italian region called Tuscany... 
There was an amazing Renaissance festival!!! :)
What a beautiful show!!!

I should stay comfortable and I decided to wear white shirt and jeans... and I decorated my outfit with golden flats and, of course, with my new clutch!!! :D

There we walked a lot watching different panoramas, very old streets and ancient buildings! :)
Everything seemed like in the Renaissance and everybody from the village played his role!
It was really great "travelling back to the past"!!! ;)

Do you like this kind of festival???

What do you think about my outfit? :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and for all the comments you leave!!! :*

Kisses & hugs!

With love,

lunedì 30 luglio 2012


I wear:
sunglasses - Gucci
shirt - Mango
skirt - Forever 21
flats - Zara
watch - Chronotech
bracelet - New Yorker

This was my outfit for Suturday evening... :)
As you already know, I like very much the bodycon skirts!!! :D
This one comes from sales and I think it looks very beautiful! :)

This shirt I bought last summer in Portugal and I really love it... :P

Golden clutch, flats, bracelets and rings make my look very rich :)
Hope you like it too...
What do you think about???

P.S. ...I have a video of this look too but it's not ready yet...
Soon I'll go to Ukraine and I must prepare so many things for my trevel...ohhhh!!! :)
Later I'll make another post with video of this outfit...)

Have a good time and a good week too!!!!
See youuu!!!!!

So many kisses,
Kateryna :*

sabato 28 luglio 2012


Today I finished my clutch and I think it's amazing!!!! :D
I love to have something special...because nobody can have it like that...:)

I was looking for some cluth like this one but I couldn't find anything...and after I decided to make it by myself...:)

I took these colours because they are my favourites and now I can use this clutch almost with everything from my closet... I wanted to make a brightly clutch for the summer and bacause of this I added some neon parts... :)

It was a difficult and long work but you know I like to make special things with my hands...
It took me something like two weeks... and I was working almost every day...but it was a pleasure :)  

...The next week I'll leave to Ukraine for 3 weeks! I can go to my native land only once in the year and every time it's so beautiful to come back home and to stay with my family!!!!
I have a lot of plans for my holidays because I would like to visit so many places and to go for some days in Crimea too... I'll take photos of everything and after I hope to make new posts from there...))
I wish you to have a good time too!!! It's summerrrrrtimeeeeeee!!!! :D

So, I show you all my work... I took some photos about all the process... :)
It's very easy to understand how I made this clutch... it needs only time and inspiration :P

From the beginning I made a very simple bag... and I started... step by step adding every singl detail :)
After I understood that my materials for the decoration are not enough...ahahahaaaa...
and I cut some of my bracelets and necklaces...:D

Hope you like my handmade clutch :)
What do you think about it???

Thank you very much for all your comments!!!
You asked me to write all the steps down and I have been very happy to do it!!! 

I explain:

1) I made a very simple bag by myself working with my sewing machine but you can buy some bag if you cannot create it... I think the bag is not a problem...:)

2) After I decided which kind of decoration I wanted... I think my decoration is very simple... you can see on the photo that I started from the waves of wire... you can use different materials: threads, pearls and everything you want + your fantasy...:P 

3) Every pearl you must sew with needle... it's important to start from the down to the upper part because with all the decorations your bag will become a little bit heavy... :) It's just an advice!

You can see on these photos I made 4 orizzontal waves... 
They were like a skeleton for all my decorations...:)

To make this simple decoration you must put 1 big pearl (it looks more beautiful!) in the centre and after  sewing the other little pearls around, to create something like a half-moon...:)  
But if you have other ideas, you can pratically change forms and colours by your choice...

4) After I finished with all the decorations and my bag was ready outside, I made a lining for inside part... 
The last step was to sew my lining into the bag (see photos below)..........and that's all :D 

If you want you can add pompons with pearls or something nice to the zipper of your bag :)

That's down the final result!!!!!

My advice for you all is not making your bag very big because it will be very difficult to finish it and it will be very heavy... try to customize it with pearls adding embroidery thread too...
As you can see on the photo my embroidery thread was fucsia... :)
Or you can put the pearls on your bag and leave some places empty.... It's your creation!

I wish you to have a good work! 

And if you have any question for me I'll be happy to answer you and to help you! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

See you soon!

A lot of kisses,

giovedì 26 luglio 2012



I wear:
shirt - Forever 21
leggings - Sisley
hoodie - Best Company
sneakers - Stadium
bag - Bershka
watch - Chronotech

On Sunday we went to the Apennines... It was so beautiful!!! :D
I love the mountains and I like very much to watch different kinds of panoramas...:)
...but the weather was pretty bad... it was just +11°C... :(

There we went to see the cradle of the Tiber river... :)
The Tiber is the third-longest river in Italy, rising in the Apennine Mountains.

We enjoyed this trip a lot!!!
It was great!!!! :P

Hope you liked my photos :)

I wish you a good time too!!!
See you sooooooon!!! :D

A lot of kisses,
Kateryna :*