venerdì 31 agosto 2012


I wear:
sunglasses / очки - Gucci
jacket / куртка - Zara
shirt / футболка - Forever 21
jeans / джинсы - Zara
sandals / сандалии - Zara
bag / сумка - Bershka
belt / ремень - H&M
watch / часы - Chronotech

This is the last post about Ukraine... :)
3 weeks there have passed so fast!!!))

The last days we stayed in Kyiv making shopping and visiting some nice places :)

My look was very comfortable... I decorated white clothes with that beautiful sandals :D

....Now I'm back home and I have so many things to do...!!!
 Tomorrow my friends will come to my house for a dinner and I must prepare everything for them...
I'll cook pelmeni :P 

I wish you to have a nice weekend!!! :)

Это мой последний пост об Украине...)
Три недели отдыха пролетели незаметно!!!!!

Два последних дня мы провели в Киеве, 
тратя время на shopping и на посещение красивых мест города....:Р

Мой outfit был простым и удобным... 
.......я лишь разбавила белый цвет одежды сандалиями, расшитыми бисером :)

....Сейчас я вернулась домой и у меня есть очень много дел! 
Завтра к нам придут друзья на ужин и мне нужно приготовить все к ихнему приходу!))
Буду их баловать пельменями!!!! :Р

Желаю вам всем хороших выходных!!!

Kisses & hugs!

Thank you for visiting my blog!!!

With love,
Kateryna :*

giovedì 30 agosto 2012


I wear:
t-shirt - Zara
jeans - Zara
heels - Zara
bracelet - H&M
ring - Bijou Brigitte
watch - Chronotech
clutch - made by myself

Hello!!!! :D

How are you????

This was my look for a night out with friends!!!

I saw all my friends only 1 year ago and it was so beautiful to meet them again!!!!!! :)

As you know, in Donetsk I had some shopping... there I bought these shoes!!! 
I love heels very much!!! And you???? :P

What do you think about my new shoes?????

Now the combinations of black&white are very fashion!
But I added to my outfit a colorful clutch... I think it looks more interesting! :)

So many kisses for you all! :****

Have a great time!!!

With love,

domenica 26 agosto 2012


I wear:
shirt / футболка - Forever 21
shorts / шорты - H&M
flats / балетки - Zara
bag / сумка- Bershka
belt / ремень - Promod
watch / часы - Chronotech
sunglasses / очки - Bershka

This was my outfit to go visiting my grandmother...:)
Nothing special: shirt & shorts for a very hot weather! :P
 In summer everything is very easy.... you don't need a lot of clothes :D

I have one thing to tell you! :)))))
In Ukraine I bought cablearts and from today I'll make my posts in two languages: 
English & Russian!!!!
What do you think about it???
And if you have some wishes for improving this blog your advices are always welcome!!!
Thanks for your help and support!!!

Так я была одета для похода к бабушке ;)
Ничего особенного: футболка и шорты - идеальный вариант для очень жаркой погоды! :Р
Летом всё на много проще: нет никакой необходимости в огромном количестве одежды...:)

Ах, да!!! У меня есть одна важная новость!!!!)
В Украине я купила клавиатуру с русскими символами и с сегодняшнего дня буду делать все записи в блоге на двух языках: английском и русском!!!!
Что вы думаете об этом???
...И если у вас есть какие-либо пожелания для усовершенствования моего блога - 
всегда добро пожаловать!!!! 
Заранее спасибо за помощь и поддержку!!!! :***

A lot of kisses,
Kateryna :*

sabato 25 agosto 2012


I wear:
jacket - Zara
shirt - Forever 21
shorts - made by myself
oxfords - Zara
bag - Bershka
watch - Chronotech
sunglasses - Gucci

Hiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! :***

How are you??????

Today I came back home!!!! I'm a little bit tired after my trip but it's been a great time!!! :P

I want to finish with all my posts from Ukraine showing you where I was and what I saw...

As you know, we stayed some days in Crimea... 
and after that we went to Donetsk (see more here) for 1 day to watch a football match....
and of course I had some shopping time there too... ahahaaa :DDDDD 

  The  Donbass Arena with a big park all around is really beautiful!!! ;)
I'm not a big fun of football but I liked it a lot!!!

I should wear something to stay out all day and my clothes should have been in colours of the football team... 
It was a comfortable turistic look :)

Hope, you liked my photos!
I'm always happy to know your opinion about everything...
...and also you can follow this blog :)

So many kisses & hugs!!!

With love,
Kateryna :*