domenica 28 aprile 2013


Hello everybody!!!!
here I am, back to my blog after such a long time!!! ;)
Oh my God, I cannot believe I lived a month without writing anything down here...
Of course, as you can easily suppose, I was very very busy "outside":
actually I'm moving to my new apartment soon 
and so you can understand I worked hard on it till now to make it true!!!
I will post you photos of my "new life" soon!!! :P

In the meanwhile you can have a look about my latest outfits 
and among them this one up here is really one of my favourites...))

I wear:
dress - Bershka
belt - Zeman
tights - Stradivarius
booties - Sisley
bag - Mango
watch - Chronotech
bracelets - H&M
ring - Bijou Brigitte

mercoledì 3 aprile 2013


Yesterday it was a beautiful day with a wonderful weather 
and so in the afternoon we went out up on the hills around the town. 
It's been a possibility to take photos in a new place too! :P

I like the combination of "sportive" and "elegant" in my outfit,
the colours red and black were very nice together 
and perfectly mixed with the nature around... ;)
I felt very well walking through the woods 
and staring at those amazing panoramas!!!

What do you think about???
Any suggestions???

I wear:
sunglasses - Bershka
jacket - Sisley
t-shirt - from my husband's closet
jeans - Zara
sneakers - Nike
bag - Zara
watch - Chronotech
earrings - Bora

lunedì 1 aprile 2013


Traditional Easter Eggs from Ukraine

Blintz with Ricotta, Candied Fruit and Nuts!
I really love to cook! :P

Easter presents from my husband...
do you like the sweet hippo I called "Dasha"???

Easter cards made by myself... ;) 
See more in my personal shop "Made With Love" by Kateryna

Hello everybody!!!))
How did you celebrate your Easter time???

Today I want to show you the photos from my Easter yesterday! :)
It's been a day full of chocolate, surprirses and presentsssss...
I spent the lunch time at the restaurant with my family, 
eating some traditional dishes like lamb and Easter bread...
The weather was and is still very bad: it's been raining since the last weekend :(
But it's always time to think about new looks and I hope to inspire you with this Easter combo ;)
I'm looking forward to know what you think about and to read all your comments!

A big chocolate kiss with surprise :P

I wear:
orange blazer - H&M
creame blouse - Zara
golden jeans - Zara
studded booties - Zara
leo necklace - Zara
clutch - ALLO by Kateryna