mercoledì 3 ottobre 2012


I wear:
blouse - Zara
pants - Sisley
heels - Zara
watch - Chronotech
clutch - made by myself

This was my look for a dinner party at the resturant with friends ;)
My new blouse is really fabulous and it's a trasformer one: 
I can put on like that or take out the bow!!!! :D
This dark blue basic pants are ones of my clothes I promised to show you...) 
They come from the "Outlet Village"
I like this combination of colours!!!
The new clutch is another story... After my handmade skirt I had some fabric left 
and I decided to make a clutch... :)
I decorated it with black and golden pearls and I added a nice pompon ;) 

Hope you like my outfit!!!!
Thanks for visiting & reading!!!
See you soon :*

Недавно мы с друзьми ходили в ресторан на ужин и таков был мой наряд :)
Я без ума от моей новой блузки, а секрет в том, что она трансформер: 
бант можно одевать или снимать по желанию!!!! :Р
Эти темно-синие штанишки - одни из тех вещей, что я купила в магазине Sisley 
и обещала вам показать)))
Мне очень нравится сочетание цветов в этом наряде!
Новый клатч - другая история... После handmade юбки у меня осталось немного ткани 
и я решила сделать клатч, украсив его черными и золотыми бусинками 
и добавив кисточку бахромы... :))

Надеюсь, вам понравился мой outfit!!!!
Спасибо, что читаете!!!
До скорого :*

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  1. I'm loving this outfit! :)

    1. WoooooooooW! What a beautiful surprise!
      Nushi is baaaaaack!!!! :)))
      Thank you for your lovely comment!

    2. I'm so glad you're happy I'm back!!!! :D

    3. I was waiting for you and I'm very happy you're here!!!
      Welcome backkkkk Nushi!!!!!!!!!! :P

    4. Thanks! >__< I just recently posted on my blog, so here's the link:

      Oh, and I just came up with 3 rules so you know what to have and what not to have when you're guest posting. I hope you're OK with them! :)

      1. Any videos or songs you post MUST not have any rude language (Swears etc) and must not have rude videos,

      2. You can post up to 2 post (maximum) a month,

      3. And finally, just enjoy guest posting on my blog!!!! >__<

      Nushi Xo

  2. beautiful!!! you look great like always ;)

    1. Thank you so much Patricia!!!!
      Kisses & hugs!!! :****