mercoledì 16 gennaio 2013


Brussels is a very interesting and original bilingual city!!!
All road signs, street names, and many adverts and services 
are shown in Dutch (Brabantian dialect to be exact) and French (specifically Belgian French)!
The architecture in Brussels is diverse, and spans from the medieval constructions (the Grand Place)
to the postmodern buildings!
This city is full of museums (over 80)!!!! 
I'm very happy I visited the incredible  museum of the natural sciences: 
you can really spend an whole day there crossing the different ages and finding lot of prehistorical stuffs:
 it's really the Europe's largest dinosaur exhibition ;)
Brussels is known also for its local waffle, its chocolate and its numerous types of beers!!!
Numerous friteries are spread throughout the city, and in tourist areas,
fresh, hot, waffles are also sold on the street! :D 

I wear:
fur coat - Pimkie
scarf - my grandmother's closet
skirt - Shana
tights - Calzedonia
gloves - Batulu
slippers - from Venice

2 commenti:

  1. Che meraviglia Brussels!! davvero affascinante!

    La tua minigonna mi piace molto, come ti avevo già detto, con gambe come le tue puoi permetterti di indossare qualsiasi gonna! :-)

    Buona giornata cara, <3

    1. Grazie mille Silvia!!!
      Sei sempre la benvenuta! :)

      Buona giornata anche a te! :*