lunedì 17 settembre 2012


Hello beauties!!!

How are you???
What did you do this weekend!!!

I had a great time!!! On Saturaday we went to Rome... 
We visited a lot of historycal places and we made some shopping too :DDDD
Tomorrow I'll make a new post about this trip!!!
Check out my blog! :*

Today I just wanted to show you my new shamballa bracelet!!!
It's very difficult to explain you how to make this bracelet but you can look for some patterns in Internet...:)
I decided to make this bracelet in the same style like my handmade clutch (look at the first photo above)

Hope you like my new shamballa bracelet! :D

See you tomorrow!!!

A lot of kisses,
Kateryna :***

4 commenti:

  1. Lovely bracelet, you are so creative! And I LOVE the fashion post you did on my blog! I'm so happy and proud! :D :)

  2. Risposte
    1. Thank you Pao!!!! I love that colour too!!!! ;)
      1kiss :*