domenica 15 settembre 2013


Kerch is a city on the Kerch Peninsula of eastern Crimea.
Kerch was founded 2600 years ago, it's considered one of the most ancient cities in Ukraine!

The centre of Kerch and the famous Great Mitridates Staircase leading to the top of the Mount Mitridat,
contains 428 footsteps!!! ;)
On the top of the mountain you can see Obelisk of Glory, built after the World War II 

Site of ancient settlement Panticapaeum (5th century BC - 3rd century AD)
Behind me you can see the Demetra's Crypt, a crypt with numerous frescos dated 1st century BC

Panorama from the mountain

Church of St. John the Baptist (AD 717)

Fortess of Yeni-Kale (18th century)
It was built by Ottoman Turks 
The fortess was armed with powerful cannons
and took an important strategical place on the coast of Kerch Strait!
Yeni-Kale's tower

I spent a wonderful day visiting the ancient Kerch!)
It was all really amazing!!!
It was like a travel back to the past! :P

I wear:

hat - New Yorker
dress - Junker
sneakers - Superga
watch - Chronotech
earrings - Bora 
ring - Six
bag - customized by fashionbycatia
sunglasses - Miu Miu

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