martedì 17 settembre 2013


Chokrak Lake is a mud salt lake very close to the coast of Azov sea in Kerch province.

The lake is very famous about its black mud and the people go there
to make some therapeutical process immersing themselves into that till the head.
The lake is very close to the sea
and there everybody can wash himself with the clean water after the mud.
It was so funny to watch at all those people 
while they felt down on that mud by walking through the lake!!!
Everybody was black from the top to the feet... :D

When they came out from the mud it seemed to see some "zombies")))))

The Chokrak lake have a white colour looking at it from the top of this hill
because of the salt on its surface. 
It seems like an "ice lake"... very strange looking at that on summer :P

Not so far from the lake there are The Generalskiye Plyazhi with they's virgin nature,
bays and beaches of Azov sea!
it was like Heaven on the open sea!!!)

The sunset over the wild space was amazing!!!! ;)

I wear:

hat - New Yorker
top - Forever 21
shorts - H&M customized by fashionbycatia, H&M
hoodie - Domyos
sandals - Zara
sunglasses - Bershka, H&M
bracelet - fashionbycatia

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