lunedì 23 settembre 2013


                  Shcholkine is a little resort city ashore sea of Azov near the cape of Kazantyp in Crimea.
The name Kazantyp comes from the Crimean Tatar name qazan tüp 
that means bottom of a cauldron referring to its concave profile. 
It extends far into the sea from the coastline with its length being about 3–4 km. 
Its highest point is 107 metres above sea level, 
with the average being 30–40 metres while its lowest inland point is 20–30 metres above sea level. 
The headland is the northernmost point of the Crimean peninsula, 
dividing the Kazantyp and the Arbat lagoons.
The Kazantyp headland is mostly covered with steppes 
and bacause of that it was designated as Kazantypskyi State Nature Reserve of Ukraine. 
On the eastern half of the cape are located ancient ruins of a settlement 
dating back to the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC.
The international electronic music festival, Kazantyp, 
named for the headland, was held there.

We spent a wonderful day swimming and taking the sun in the Kazantypskiy bay!)

I wear:

hat - from Crimea
blouse - Zara
shorts - Sisley
sandals - Zara
necklace - Zara
ring - Albatros
watch - Chronotech
backpack - Decathlon
sunglasses - Miu Miu

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